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Comment here to leave a prayer request.  We will be praying with you through your time of need!


3 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. My son, Greg Colding from Savannah, is a crossfitter and referred me to Kelly, who in turn referred me to you. I just lost my mother and am having a rough time. I am concerned for my soul and in need of your counseling.

    • Debra,
      I would love to talk with you. You can contact me via email or phone through the Life Mentoring page to set up an appointment. You can prepare by filling out the Consent and Information form under forms on this website and bring it with you 🙂 – Polly

  2. Pray for me to God,and JesusChrist about me having the right to walk for my diabeties,can tell when it’s not me.It’s so agonizing,Love my walks in truth.Walking in love.Somebody that leas to a whole lot of somebodies be trying to hurt,and it’s not God,and JesusChrist.He would love to see me doing good,and healthy things like that for my diabetesI promise haven’t done anything wrong.Pray that God,and Jesuchrist clean them out of my life permanently.Too on going in evil,and wicked to them,and honestly I know what i’m doing thru the Lord.Need assisting truthful praying rams in ramifications.Have a blessed lovely day,and Godbless.😃.

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