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Our mission is to equip believers to live life to the fullest (John 10:10).  Life Ministries Valdosta provides an alternative to traditional counseling and coaching through Christ-centered teaching and healing through Life Mentoring and guidance through Life Coaching, as well as training that equips the body of Christ to meet the needs of those who are hurting through Life Training.  Life Ministries was founded in 2007 by Polly Barcol who began Life Mentoring individuals.  Life Coaching was integrated in 2011.  Our offices are located in Valdosta, GA, but we are not limited to this area. We offer our services through phone and video conferencing, so anyone can receive help and training no matter where you are.


Leaf for webHere’s what people are saying:

“I can not say enough positive things about this program.  I wish every person I knew would go through it.  I learned so much about who I am in God’s eyes and the truth about the awesome God I serve…This program has given me hope for a future…This has changed my life and freed me from bondage and strongholds that have held me prisoner for years.” – Teresa

“The best mentorship I have had.  I feel like if I need to talk, I can.” -Bill

“It was a life changing experience for which I am forever grateful.  Thank you.” – Kimberly

“Life Mentoring has been a catalyst for two of the most important parts of my spiritual maturity, surrender and grace.  This program has meant everything to me.” – Amber

“I always felt comfortable to share.  My mentor made sure everything made sense before moving on.” -Courtney

“The sessions really helped me through a tough situation I was going through.” -Brittany

“…my mentor was a very good listener and was very patient with me…” -Dorothy


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